Thursday, January 19, 2012

Photo Fun

While the concept of a photo treasure hunt isn’t new, don’t save it just for a special occasion. This is a fun indoor/outdoor activity that you can do any time. All you need is a pencil & paper, a little imagination and a digital camera (we had bought the children inexpensive digital cameras for them to use on our last vacation).

When the weather is nice I like to create a list that will get the kids outdoors and exploring nature. When the days are cold, dark and rainy like they are now, I try to make a list that will get their creativity flowing. Below is a sample of our latest photo treasure hunt. I like to sneak in a little healthy snacking (see #’s 13 & 14). And if you are doing the indoor version, I highly suggest including #17 (substitute whichever room is most applicable).

And, just in case you aren’t familiar with the concept, the idea is to take one photo with all of the items listed. In this example the child should come back with 17 individual photos.

Sometimes I have the kids work together and sometimes I give them separate lists. We have done this a few times now and it is definitely a favorite activity.

1. A white-bearded dragon prince

2. Your full name spelled with blocks

3. Frog from a storybook

4. A hippo wearing a hat and looking out the window

5. Harry & Sally (our puppets) playing ping pong

6. A drawing of a robot on vacation

7. A robot, a bunny and a monkey having a tea party

8. A Lego car

9. You in disguise

10. A list of three things you want to do this year

11. A fairy riding a train

12. You in your favorite outfit

13. A half eaten piece of fruit

14. An empty plate after you finish the other half of the piece of fruit

15. A drawer full of matched socks

16. The first page of your favorite story

17. A cleaned-up living room

We managed to capture a photo of the elusive creature this afternoon.

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