Thursday, January 12, 2012

What can I doooooo?

Yes, the spelling of the title is correct. When my children ask me that question they always draw out the "do" with a long whiny voice. I made the mistake of asking my father that very same question with the very same whiny voice. His answer always involved yard work or cleaning the garage. Since we don't have a garage I thought I would make a jar where they can randomly pick a card with some fun ideas that will prompt them to spend some extra time reading or jumpstart their creative thinking a bit. There are some fun games, cooking and craft activities too.

So the next time they ask me "what can I doooooooo?" I know exactly what I am going to say.


  1. Perfect! I am going to have to make a teenager version for my youngest "whiner"!

  2. Great idea! I've just finished tidying up the "knutsel" and toy area. So many things are underused. This is a great idea to bring some variety in the play and to get out those books and bits and pieces long forgotten!